The Metabolix 1-2-3™ uses the body’s metabolism to reduce total body fat. The three sided approach of consistent meal planning, structured physical activity, and proper supplementation create the most thorough approach to successful weight loss. Metabolix 1-2-3™ was developed by Founder and President, Tony De Cesare, in 2002. The program has expanded rapidly since that time and is now licensed to private facilities and fitness professionals throughout the country – and grows larger every day. This 12 week program is endorsed by physicians, dietitians and health care practitioners and since its inception, thousands of clients have taken part in the Metabolix 1-2-3™ program. Due to the demand, Metabolix launched the Metabolix Clinical Weight Management™ program to work closely with your physician to manage metabolic disorders associated with chronic overweight or obesity issues.

Youth Strength and Conditioning Program
The Metabolix YSC program is designed for teenagers who want to improve their body composition, strength, flexibility, speed and agility. This program focuses on the importance of nutrition and structured exercise programs as a lifestyle. Youth Strength and Conditioning is ideal for beginners or teenage athletes.

The Metabolix Jump Start Program
The Metabolix Jump Start Program™ is the Internet version of the Metabolix 1-2-3 Program™. Participants utilize on line meal plans, customized cardio and exercise prescriptions. The Jump Start Program™ is ideal for those who can no physically reach a provider or who need a phase in period before the Metabolix 1-2-3 Program™.

Initial Evaluation and Meal Planning
An initial assessment provides a thorough lifestyle analysis and body composition assessment to determine the nutrition guidelines necessary to achieve long term success. Each participant receives metabolic guidelines and a meal plan to work within the demands of one’s lifestyle.

Body Composition Testing
Understanding the importance of body composition and the how it plays into one’s overall health is important to achieving results. Whether it’s for weight loss or athletic performance, body composition is the foundation for understanding your body’s nutritional and physical activity needs.

Private Training
Private training is ideal for gaining the understanding of HOW to properly exercise for your specific goals. Learning proper form and technique is essential for both safety reasons and well as physical development.

Small Group Training
Small Groups are comprised of participants of similar abilities and experience and designed to maximize your results. Whether it’s in the gym or training outdoors, Small Groups are an excellent was to push yourself in a non-competitive environment.