Metabolix Certification

Metabolix Level 1 – Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist

Level 1 Certification focuses on the concepts and principles of structured weight loss, meal planning and exercise prescriptions.  Participants learn the use of the Metabolix proprietary software to perform body composition assessments and calculate metabolic rate, caloric intake and macro-nutrient composition.  These skills prepare participants to provide meal plans and nutrition guidelines as they relate to weight loss and fat metabolism.  Finally, participants will master the concepts of exercise prescription that focus on promoting a fat burning metabolism, strengthen the musculoskeletal system and enhance cardiovascular endurance.**

** This is an advanced certification and requires a current health/fitness certification or degree before registering.

Metabolix Level 2 – Nutrition and Sports Performance Specialist

Level 2 Certification builds on the concepts of the Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist by expanding to the sports performance population.  Learning the importance of pre-workout and recovery meal planning concepts as well as competition meal planning are the focus of the nutrition curriculum.  Exercise prescriptions expand on the frequency, intensity and duration variable and how they relate to heart rate training.  Use of dietary supplementation and how it relates to recovery and energy balance are also covered to insure a thorough knowledge of their contribution to improving performance.***

***Level 2 Certification is only available to current Level 1 Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist