Metabolix Corporate Wellness is designed to assist employers and employees better manage their health care costs. Initiating and implementing a workplace wellness program has become a major priority to combat the rising costs of health care. Metabolix Corporate Wellness works directly with employers, employees, insurers and health care professionals to facilitate a full service program to address the growing trend of disease management. Using the foundations of nutrition programming, physical exercise and health risk assessments, we can achieve long term results within the workplace.

From an employer perspective, we address corporate wellness as a matter of asset management. Tackling the growing trend of obesity and how it relates to METABOLIC SYNDROME, is the primary focus of corporate wellness programming. Using our workplace Disease Diagnosis Report (DDR), we can better educate employers on how to implement a long term solution to METABOLIC SYNDROME.

Employees benefit from our program on two levels; nutrition education and meal planning, as well as individual physical activity prescriptions. Educating employees on the dangers of sedentary lifestyle and poor meal planning creates a carry-over effect in the home. Our weekly evaluations take approximately 10 minutes per employee and each employee receives updated dietary guidelines, meal plans and exercise prescriptions. Educating and motivating employees are the primary goals of Metabolix Corporate Wellness.

Insurers and physicians endorse Metabolix Corporate Wellness, because it addresses all the necessary components of a successful, long term program. The understanding that nutrition and physical activity are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle has been preached by insurers and physician for years. Now with the blessing of the medical and insurance communities, Metabolix Corporate Wellness is positioned to attack the rising cost of health care from the prevention side of the equation.

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